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Art And Property Styling

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

Art makes a property feel homely. However, as a seller you don't want the art used to be the talking point, you want your home to be the hero.

Many sellers ask us why a home being marketed for sale is presented in such a minimalist fashion and why there is less art than in a lived in home. The answer is very simple, stylists use sufficient art to make the home feel homely without distracting the buyer.

Each time a buyer looks at an object, including art the space is cut. The more stops the buyer 's eye makes the smaller the space becomes. Lots of small objects make the space feel busy and cluttered.

Art Do's

- Use neutral art so it appeals to a broad market. Styling with a a neural colour pallet broadens the market appeal.

- Hang art at the correct height. The centre of the art should be at eye level. If the art is hang too high, buyers are forced to look up and their eye does not flow through the room at a comfortable height.

Art Don'ts

- Don't use too much art so the home feels cluttered and buyers are distracted

- Don't hang art on smaller walls, keep the buyers attention on larger spaces.

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